Putting a Halt to Jumping & Pulling

The problem with a puppy who jumps up on people and pulls during their walks is that they become grown dogs who continue to jump up on people and pull during their walks. Unlike teething, these are two “puppy behaviors” that puppies will not outgrow. In fact, this behavior typically just gets worse until it has been corrected. What is cute in a little 10-20 pound puppy is not so cute, and can actually be quite p

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The Trouble with Teething

I have often heard it said that God makes puppies cute for a reason, and I am quite sure that one of those reasons is that He also made their puppy teeth as sharp as a razor. Anyone who has ever held a puppy for more than five minutes would have to agree, and everyone who brings home a new pup wants to know how they can stop the biting and nipping. Like humans, dogs are not born with teeth. Most puppies start to

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Separation Anxiety

One of the best things that you can do for your dog is to help them feel comfortable and safe when they are home alone. Dogs are more stable and less likely to panic when you leave the house if you can teach them how to enjoy their time alone. Separation anxiety in dogs is something that most dogs experience to some degree. They feel distressed and, in worse cases, act out with behavior problems when separated from

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Socializing Your Puppy

When it comes to training your puppy, the most important thing that you can do is socialize him at an early age. According to John Paul Scott, co-author of “Genetics and the Social Behavior of Dogs”, it is imperative that you do this during the “Critical Period” of establishing social relationships, which takes place between 3-12 weeks. It is during this time that your dog’s experiences will permanently sh

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Interview with Dr Melissa Oden

Join me for a fun conversation with Dr. Melissa Oden who is the CEO of DMO Enterprises and Health Education Resources Network about the Healing Power of Pets.

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Potty Training Tips & Tricks

So, you just got a new four-legged buddy? That is wonderful! Soon, if you haven’t figured it out already, you will see why God makes them so cute! “How do I potty train my puppy?” This is one of the biggest questions regarding new puppies that we get at The Sitter of Pawz. The first thing I tell my clients is that you need to have patience. Most people adopt a puppy when they are about 8 weeks old. The proble

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